G'Day from Brisbane

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  • trenchcoate
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    My handle is TrenchCoate which is the name of a character I had in Rifts when I returned to RPGs.
    I have been playing and DMing since the Basic DND.
    I have played basic DND, ADND, 3.5, Rifts, Cyber Punk, Heavy Gear, Robotech and many others.
    I am married with 4 boys ages 4 to 10 and they all want to try dad's games.
    I am not currently playing any RPG after moving to Brisbane, queensland and not knowing any gamers in the area. But that hasn't stopped me designing adventures and campaigns.

  • Benjamin385
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    Welcome to Obsidian Portal Ross. Looks like you have future Game Masters on your hands from the sound of it.
    Hope you find some gamers in the area.


  • Sicklewood
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    Hi Ross,
    I realize you posted this message years ago, but I too live in Brisbane and am looking for people to game with. Have you found any groups in the area?
  • twiggyleaf
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    That sure is an old message revived. Welcome Trenchcoate and I hope you got something on the go. Hi Sicklewood and I hope you are able to join in with them after such a long time. Do tell us if the answers are YES. That would be such a great triumph for FRPG!

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