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  • Nojo
    Posts: 3
    *What does it do?*

    It lets the GM set the game date and time, and emails out reminders. It would be nice to send out two emails, say 1 and 3 days prior to the game as an option.

    I'm 53, and my players are all busy adults. We only play every other week, so we need the nagging.

    The calendar in Yahoo Groups is a good example.

    *What does it look like?*

    Like a calendar widget, where you can schedule a game. Players would be able to see the calendar. Maybe there is even a display widget that says "Next game in three days, on May 17th, at 7pm."

    The default would be for players to subscribe to calendar reminders. There could be an option to opt out, which could be good for lurkers.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Yeah, I'd really like something like this, too. We've tossed this idea around, and our only hesitation is that it's easy to do a bad calendar. Doing a good one takes a lot of work. We don't mind hard work, but it takes time from other things.

    We might sidestep the whole "calendar" issue and instead go with something that's just more of a timeline. We could get the majority of the scheduling functionality with just a "send reminder" feature.

    In any case, it's a good idea and we'd like to do it. It'll go on the TODO pile, but that pile is pretty big these days. Still, keep the ideas coming!
  • Roachware
    Posts: 6
    _If_ you are doing a calendar, may I humbly request a planning feature to be included as well. By that, I mean an option to have the members of a campaign sign in/out dates they have other engagements, to make the planning easier?
    I know this will make it even harder, by having to select people by campaign, but it would ease a lot of planning hassles for groups like mine that are spread over several states / nations (in my case, people in Germany and in the Netherlands, with a radius of about 200 miles from the playing location...)
  • krank
    Posts: 16
    Just to dream a little: I'd like something like - I've been using Doodle for two years now, and it's simple, elegant - and incredibly useful in planning meetings between people who, you know, have lives and jobs and such.
  • jo_heymans
    Posts: 1
    In the meantime for the 'TODO pile' to decompose, it might be handy to put a link to a doodle somewhere on you Home or wiki page of Obsidian. We have done this in our group and it works fine to get everyone around the table.

    Maybe, if you use some online calendar like google calendar, you could fit it in as an applet, they offer that possibility but I haven't tried it here at Obsidian's wiki page. If it's possible, that would sound like a good start for some people, and an intermediate solution to their problem. If it's not that would sound like a good start for the Obsidian team...
  • Daelkyr
    Posts: 1
    Actually, google calendar uses an to create it's applet. I have been unable to figure out how to make it work in the wiki. If there is some way to cause it to function that I'm unaware of, I'd greatly appreciate information on what it is. Otherwise, you're still left doing what's recommended upthread with Doodle.
  • justabloke
    Posts: 1
    bumping cause I would really like to see this feature added.
  • Eponymous
    Posts: 1
    Rather then do it your self is it not easier to just provide google calendar as a web service? We are all web 2.0 so this would seem the right way to go
  • gamera_spinning
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    I'm new to Obsidian Portal, and I really like the event scheduling feature in Calendar, but I have a question. Is there a way to set up a calendar notation that is not an event? One of my players is in a band, and it would help to put their gig dates on the calendar so it would simplify scheduling to know when they're unavailable, another player travels for business, so it would have the same sort of utility being able to note when they're travelling and out of town. Is this an existing feature of the calendar that I'm missing or just something that it doesn't do?
  • the_redbeard
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    A problem with the calendar that we had was using it and the forum from smart phones. We haven't been using the calendar in part because of this.

    It was all a pain because people would get a reminder in an email, but then the link wouldn't include the login, so then they'd have to login. Then they would have to return to the email to answer the post to say they could/couldn't attend. arg. cookies wouldn't stay, the calendar event wouldn't know who could/couldn't come, etc.

    Here's nearly my dream calendar app:
    It's from the Simple Machines CMS that these guys use. You start an event, and pick a date. The forum creates an event on the calendar and creates a linked forum topic. People register if they can attend, and it's shown on the calendar entry. Heck, this app even allows them to say WHICH character they're bringing in the comment on the event (not just in the forum discussion below).
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