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  • DMaple
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    I've set a NPC in my campaign [[:hesse]] Hesse to be Public but not visible.

    Yet if I'm not logged in and go to characters and do a search for Hesse she appears.

    "A visible character shows up while searching and browsing. Turn this off for characters that are not ready to be viewed, or never will be (like NPCs with only a name and nothing else). If not public, this does nothing."

    The first sentence to me implies that if I don't make a character visible then it shouldn't show up in the search. But is does.

    Is the sentence misleading, should I actually make my characters Visible but not Public? If I want my players to see them but not everyone.

    Is this a bug, a poorly worded explanation or me just misunderstanding how public and visible interact?
  • Micah
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    It's probably a mixture of a bug and a poorly worded explanation. I'll take a look later and see what I can find out.

    As it's supposed to work:
    public - Anyone can view the internals
    visible - Shows up in searches for others (it always shows up for you, regardless)

    public + visible is for stuff you want people to see (like PCs or NPCs you're proud of)
    public + non-visible is for stuff you want your campaign people to see (like NPCs that are just a name)
    non-public + non-visible is for stuff only you can see (like private NPCs, or BBEGs).

    I'll try to figure out what's happening. Thanks for the report.
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