"*" being added whenever I click around text being edited

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  • Wombatforhire
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    Hopefully nobody's posted this one yet:

    I am using Safari version 3.2.1. I can reliably replicate this bug...it happens 95% of the time when I am editing my wiki or adventure log.

    When I am typing something and click on a different spot in the text to move my cursor there, the editor helpfully adds an "*" each time I click. It's extremely annoying.

    I don't know if it's part of the same bug, but I cannot add tags to these entries when this is happening. Clicking on the tag text field jumps my cursor back to the main text field....with an asterisk for good measure. I can however add tags after finishing the page via the field in the right bar...so I've been able to muddle through.

    I do not have this problem when using my PC, but I would much prefer to type up my wiki pages on my laptop without tearing my hair out.

    Also, clicking the dice at the top of the Obsidian Portal page does not bring up the dice in safari. And yes, I have "block pop up windows" off.

    Great site guys, I'm really enjoying it, but would LOVE a solution to this soon so I can use it as intended.

  • Flatscan
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    If you have the WYSIWYG editor on turn it off. That should keep any extra characters from being added to your posts.
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