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  • bluea
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    I'm Alan Blue, a chemical engineer by trade.

    I've been in gaming since 1980 and the AD&D releases. From there I've moved on to ICE's Rolemaster, Shadowrun, Paranoia, Cthulhu, Shadowrun-with-ICE's-rules, several incarnations of Amber and Mage/Vampire.

    I think the longest running series award goes to ShadowICE - (we dumped the FASA rules and use Rolemaster/Cyberspace for the rules, but played in Seattle with the FASA setting.) or perhaps Amber. Those two were played simultaneously through the nineties.

    Now I've come full circle to 'old school' AD&D with "Hills of Kron":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/91
  • Micah
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    My first game was AD&D, and boy did I think I was a genius when I finally understood THAC0. Still, I'm a total newb when it comes to non-D&D rules systems.

    Welcome to the neighborhood, and I look forward to watching your game!
  • bluea
    Posts: 18
    Amusingly, it was just recently where the "To Hit" tables in the original AD&D made any sense. We'd used them blindly in the first short games. Then moved on to THAC0 as the rules changed.

    But looking back (after years of Rolemaster) it is obvious. "Hey, this weapon basically has a bonus against unarmed people and really sucks against Plate!"

  • Ze_Game_Meister
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    Old post i know but I thought Id check to see if you are looking for a game.
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