Relationship Maps

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  • Arcaniac
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    What does it do?

    If you are not familiar with relationship maps, it is a way to represent your NPCs and how they relate to each other and the party. White Wolf used them extensively to represent the relationships of their NPC's within a Prince's hierarchy.

    What does it look like?

    A relationship map is more effective than a simple list as it provides a graphical representation of the relationship between the NPCs and the party.

    I currently use FreeMind, an open source mindmapping software, to track the relationship of all my NPCs.

    I have not published my NPC relationships to the internet (not sure how . . . yet), but here are some examples of how FreeMind represents a mindmap on other topics. It should not be too hard to make the logical jump on how you could use this tool as a Relationship Map.

    Freemind allows me to do a number of things:

    -compartmentalize my NPCs so that I do not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.
    -represent their relationships to each other
    -represent their locations and allegiances graphically
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Ouch! I knew someone was going to ask for this sooner or later.

    It's definitely a neat feature (and will go on the wish list), but is a long way down the road. We just don't have the time to dive into a visualization project right now.
  • AidanDark
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    It would still be cool though ;)
  • krank
    Posts: 16
    Just wanted to say this would definitely be a GREAT feature, if implemented =)
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