Still seeing [x] new messages

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  • Chgowiz
    Posts: 7
    Since January, I've been seeing the mysterious [xx] new messages next to my name when I am logged in. Currently, it says 4 new messages. It doesn't seem to matter if I delete my messages, read them or not, the number doesn't update. This is consistent for IE 7 and FF 3.
  • organicveggie
    Posts: 11
    I'm seeing that as well. Kind of annoying, since I keep thinking I got a new message...
  • ryan
    Posts: 126
    Chgowiz, I've marked yours all as read.. I'm starting to think I've found the issue.

    organicveggie, can you see the message now?
  • organicveggie
    Posts: 11
    bq. organicveggie, can you see the message now?

    Sorry for the slow response. :(

    I'm still seeing "[1] new messages". When I go to my inbox, I also see "Inbox (1/0)" (see image below), but my inbox does not have any messages.


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