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  • Charsen
    Posts: 85
    I saw the fliers for Obsidian Portal at DragonCon in a few places... so I know someone from ObsidianPortal is here! :)

    I didn't know I'd be able to go until Thursday night, so I didn't make a costume unfortunately. Maybe next year.

    Anyone else at Dragon*Con this year? Anyone dressing up?
  • Randolpho
    Posts: 27
    Alas, I have yet to go to DragonCon. :(
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    I live in Atlanta, so I was there laying out the fliers. I was one of a few people walking around with brain slugs (from Futurama) on our heads.

    I didn't really go to any of the events, since the line to get a pass wound all the way around the block. I'm glad people saw the fliers, though :)
  • Charsen
    Posts: 85
    It was a good turn out, but yeah those events had insanely long lines. I ended up wandering around vendors and some of the exhibitions and hanging out with some friends. I drove down from Iowa (14 hour one-way drive..) with four other people... one was dressed up as a red mage and another was dressed as a white mage. :)
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