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Expanding on DSTs for wiki pages I think it'd be great to have a DST option that could be dropped on a page like a mod/addon. This way you could put some custom functionality on say the left or right hand column and still use a DST in the middle. I know we could use a DST and CSS it around the page, but if there were a DST that you'd want on lots of pages (I was thinking of my discord integration) and you also wanted to use a DST for content formatting or otherwise you'd be able to have it all.


  • Vanillabean
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    Hey Nuadaria! Thanks for the idea, I've passed it along to the team :). 

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  • thaen
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    I think something that is needed on multiple pages would be better done in Custom JavaScript?

    Multiple DSTs, or mods/addons, on the same page sounds cool, but we don't have that many Wiki DSTs yet, and they don't have much usage yet, so I'd want to wait until we had members requesting specific combos of DSTs, so we could see what that really looks like and what the details of the scenarios are.

    Even then, I think I'd lean more toward just smashing the existing DSTs together into a new DST that had both features, and see how far that got us. I imagine we'd find most members wanting similar combos of features/mods.

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