New "Show advanced fields" checkbox on New/Edit Character


There's a new checkbox on the New/Edit Character page called "Show advanced fields".

Checking the box will show the Tags, Slug, Player Character?, Quick Description, Private Character?, and Dynamic Sheet Template fields. Unchecking will hide them. (The data in the fields is kept either way.)

The setting is saved locally on your device, so if you check the checkbox on your computer, it will stay checked there until you uncheck it (or clear cookies). But it will be unchecked on your phone until you also check it there. The setting applies to all Characters, so if you always want to see the advanced fields, you only need to check it once and all Characters will show it as checked.

The intention of this checkbox is to simplify the New/Edit Character page, so it's not so daunting to look at when a member first joins OP, especially for new Players.

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    LOL!  This caused some confusion for me at first.  I had checked the box ages ago, so didn't notice any change.  But I forgot to warn my players.  Then, at our weekly game, one of the players said he couldn't update his character.  I had a look on my tablet (I use tablet at our sessions instead of PC) and I hadn't ticked the check box.  At first, I thought there was a big issue with the EDIT MODE.  However, all sorted now.  


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