A look at my 1st adventure conqueror king campaign


I've just found my notes on my 1st adventure conqueror king campaign

We all started with King Tier characters, meaning all our characters where between Level 10(The Mage) and Level 14(The Thief), had 620,000 experience and we had 815,000 Gold Coins or the equivalent with which to equip them

Here's a look at the stuff that all 5 Pcs started with in my 1st ever Adventurer Conqueror King Character that only members of their class can start with

Of the 815,000 Gold Coins or the equivalent that they have with which to acquire their initial stuff they each spend roughly between 536,000 and 544,000 Gold Coins on the following

Both of The Fighters

They both started with The Title of Regular Viscount that rules A Large Viscount that has 3 Vassals, 2 of them are very senior Barons, 1's a very Senior Baroness and they all rule A Massive Barony and the Vassals were 1 7th level Dex 17 Thief, 1 7th level Wis 17/Int 13 Cleric and 1 7th level Str 18 Fighter

The Magic User

A Massive Wizards tower that contains a massive experimental lab, a very large potions lab, a fairly large alchemists lab, a decent sized Greenhouse that provides rare Herbs, plants, flowers, fungus and seeds for his experiments and A Small Magic School that holds 30 Students that are all 0 level Mages and 4 pupils that are all 2nd level Mages

Beneath it is A 6 floor dungeon with the following in it

The mage has come to a deal with the monsters. The deal being every 3rd month each group gives them a few members of their tribe for his experiments and he leaves them alone and protects them from heroes, adventurers and do-gooders

On Floor 1 is A Tribe of 69 Kobloids that have 1 Hit Dice halved, rounded up if needed

On Floor 2 is A Tribe of 116 Goblins that all have 1 Hit Dice

On Floor 3 is A Tribe of 63 Orcs that all have 1 Hit Dice

On Floor 4 is A Tribe of 32 Bugbears that all have 3 Hit Dice

On Floor 5 is A group of 7 Ogres that all have 4 Hit Dice lead by A Cyclops that has 6 Hit Dice

On Floor 6 is A 10 Old White Dragon that has 6 Hit Dice

The Cleric

A very large temple that has 3 small and 2 tiny lesser temples and 3 shrines that are subordinate to it

The Thief

A very large Thieves Guild that has 3 small and 2 very small Thieves Guild and 3 small bands of Outlaws that are subordinate to

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