Two Media Search Options


Sorry if this has been requested before.  I did, ahem, search for them but I couldn't find anything.

Any healthy campaign is likely to end up with a lot of media files in the media library, and editing/changing/renaming/deleting those files becomes increasingly problematic as the size of the library grows.

So, it would be really useful to have the following features:

  1. A button beside a media file that performs a search and lets you know which wiki pages/adventure logs/character sheets etc link to the file.  I get that it probably couldn't catch links that people have made with html, but searching for OP's standard linking system would catch most cases.

  2. The ability to search in the media library by file name.

Sorry if they have been asked about before.

If they already exist, I'd appreciate a "heads up" on where to find them.

Thank you kindly.


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