I'm new and needing to learn, would like a group for regular games.

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I'm from a small town and have had no luck in finding any local games so digital will most likely be my only option so i'd like to find a group who play on the regular. Yes i'm new to DnD but it's not my fist time hearing of it. If anyone would like to show me the ropes or you need a player and don't mind teaching a newcomer that would be great. I've got tens of thousands of hours in traditional games, i'm burnout and bored i need a new outlet. I have ADHD so quiet to begin and most likely a bit loud and rowdy after so keep that in mind.

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    Not sure if you would be interested, but I am running Science City, a systemless super heroic pbem taking place in 2034, It is inspired by many sources, both comic book, movies, and anime. I am using a mailing list but we communicate OOC with a Discord server where I also keep the game's background.



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