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I hope I'm in the right place. I am currently working on a mage game, and writing out the spells in the wiki, including how my players visualize the spells they learn. Part of the process is listing the Reaches in the book, expressed as "+1 Reach: (text)" The issue comes if there is more than one listed. Instead of it being listed below:

*+1 Reach*: Can do extra cool thing.

*+1 Reach*: Can do differnet extra cool thing.

It comes out as the following:

1 Reach: Can do extra cool thing.

1 Reach: Can do differnet extra cool thing.

Is there something that I'm missing or should do to fix it? Spacing it doesn't fix the second entry, and looks weird spacing-wise as it become inconsistant with the rest of the entry. Thanks in advance.


  • Abersade
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    Yeah, that would be Textile causing that to happen. If you're Ascendant you can add the following code to your CSS section to correct that:

    Turning off the textile option for the + sign to underline things

    Want to make sure that you can use the + sign with impunity? Here you go.

    /* + Sign Underline Functionality - Turns It Off */

    ins { color:inherit; text-decoration:inherit;}

    ins:before { content:'+';}

    ins:after { content:'+';}

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    If you don't have an Ascendant account (or if you're lazy like me) you can also avoid this issue by just adding a space between the + and the number.

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    I tend to use @UselessTriviaMan's method, even although I have an Ascendant account.


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