What kind of Magic User has A Ch that's higher then his Int?


20 minutes ago I was bored enough to pass sometime by creating A Dnd Character and my rolls for his stats were 3 3’s or 9 for Str, 2 4’s and 1 5 or 13 for Con, 1 6, 1 5 and 1 2 or 13 for Dex, 2 6’s and 1 4 or 16 for Int, 2 3’s and 1 4 or 10 for Wis and 3 6’s or 18 for Ch

Well with Str 9, Con 13, Dex 13, Int 16, Wis 10 and Ch 18 its clear that he's going to be a fairly powerful Magic User but that got me thinking

My thinking is that even though I created him to pass sometime because I was bored and will never use him I want to know what kind of Magic User has A Ch higher then his Int?


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