[LFPS] [Paid] Echoes of the Schism: A Wildemount Campaign


Long ago, even before the world was faced with Calamity, Exandria was a land wrought with strife, as the gods and primordials fought for control of the planet, leaving the gods' mortal creations in the crosshairs. Nowadays, things are ostensibly more peaceful... But no being so powerful is truly gone forever, as echoes of that great, long-forgotten Schism can always be heard by those keen enough to listen.

The world of Exandria is vast, chaotic, and teeming with life and potential. From all across the distant lands of Wildemount, great voices call out to a group of would-be heroes. Prime Deities; Betrayers; Lesser Idols; and all things in between. When asked to take up arms, to travel the world and make themselves known, how will an unlikely crew of ordinary people act, when the eyes of gods are forever on their backs?

Howdy! I'm Gray, a nonbinary GM who has been playing this game for the better part of a decade.

This is a standard, weekly campaign through the continent of Wildemount on Exandria! I'm hoping to gather a group of 3-6 players who love roleplay, and are excited to tell an incredible story. While I have a rough idea for the story of this campaign, I plan on highly adapting it based on what elements of the world players are looking to see brought to life. I'm also hoping to gather people who are familiar with the world already, but if you aren't, no worries! I'm always very happy to teach.

I always start long campaigns with a Session 0, where we will go over expectations for the game, discuss the world, build characters for anyone who doesn't have a full idea, and run through our Lines and Veils and other safety tools. Session 0 is FREE!

After Session 0, we will begin to explore the world of Exandria, starting at Level 3. I am a longtime Critter, and am deeply invested in the world of Exandria, so I will happily guide a party to whatever corners of Exandria the players are interested in exploring! Perhaps a party meets up in the distant, northern city of Uthodurn, and discovers a deep secret that sets them out into the world, or crosses paths in a lazy trade stop in the Dwendalian Empire and vows to change their world for the better! No matter how people come together, one thing is certain: the echoes of potential call out to you through voices beyond yourselves, and the party will travel to the ends of the earth to meet that glorious fate.

Each session will cost $20 per player, which is paid through StartPlaying at the start of each session.

The campaign will be run through Roll20, with occasional Theater of the Mind encounters as we verge off the path of the book. I bring with me the physical and digital version of this book, as well as all other core rulebooks. I don't currently have D&DBeyond set up for forming parties, but make sure to take extra time to help anyone create or set up a character sheet, especially for newer players.

If you have any other general questions about the game and how I like to play, feel free to reach out!

If you're interested, feel free to DM me here, on Discord, or StartPlaying!

My GM Profile: https://startplaying.games/gm/gray-almeida

Discord: integralscribe

Or post here: Link


  • LightfromtheVoid
    Posts: 3

    Update the start time has moved back to 8:00 PM CST. 

    The party now includes:

    Half Elf Chronurgy Wizard

    Shadar-Kai Grave Domain Cleric

    A guest player who will play only when available:

    Tabaxi Mastermind Rogue.

    If interested we may also be leveling in additional classes at the same time.

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