[LFP] [5e] [Paid] Final Fantasy Naturia a LGBTQA+ Friendly homebrew adventure Wednesdays

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I'm trying to find a player for a game run by a friend I'm sorry if my stuff is bare.

This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of$12.50 per session via wise transfer or paypal 

This game is welcome to LGBTQA+ and POC there will be no discriminations.

It also includes a free zero session and a free trial one-shot to test characters and see how well we gel as a group.

We have a mostly full party! Listed bellow we still have room for 1 more person this just means we are starting on Wednesday 7/30.

My DMing Style:

In my DM style, character development takes center stage, with equal emphasis on roleplay and combat. Unfold your character's journey in the captivating world of Final Fantasy Naturia, making impactful choices that shape the story. Let's venture forth together, embracing self-discovery and triumph over Malevolence.

Are you ready to explore a world brimming with magic, technology, and mythical wonders? Join us for an epic tabletop RPG adventure inspired by the beloved Final Fantasy franchise!

Adventure Hook: In the world of Naturia, the encroaching Malevolence threatens to plunge everything into eternal darkness. As residents of the last city, Aerolia, you must unravel ancient mysteries, harness powerful magic, and venture beyond the city's walls to restore light to the shattered world. Embrace destiny, and become legendary heroes in this breathtaking tale!

Your backstories will matter in this game


Players: 4 to 6

Schedule: Wednesdays at 7 pm CST

Price: $12.5 per player per session

Tools: Discord for voice.

System: DND 5e Final Fantasy Homebrew Adaptation

Races & Classes: Drawn from Final Fantasy XIV

World: Inspired by the universe of Final Fantasy VII

This will be using the FF14 5e homebrew by Silent Soren The mods may not like me linking it, but it can be found with a quick google for free.

Additional homebrew being worked on:

More modern weapons, equipment, and vehicles.

FF creatures including chocobo.

A Materia system where they will grow as used.

A Limit break system for those dramatic and climatic moments.

What is Final Fantasy Naturia?

Final Fantasy Naturia is a lovingly crafted world set in a far future, post-apocalyptic setting. The world of Naturia faces a perpetual night due to devastation and pollution, blocking out the sunlight. However, amidst this darkness, a last bastion of hope remains in the city of Aerolia. As players, you'll explore the metropolis, forge bonds with powerful summons, and uncover the mysteries that shroud this enigmatic world.

Join us as we delve into the realms of darkness and magic, embracing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that awaits in the Final Fantasy Naturia universe. Let your imagination soar and prepare to create unforgettable tales of heroism, friendship and epic quests!

Now, let the journey begin!

Want to wield powerful magitech? You've got it, want to summon Bahamut to devaste your enemies? It's happening, want your backstory tied to this world? Easily done, want to fly on airs ships? We have them in spades and important to Aerolia.

Current party:

Midlander Hyur Diurnal Sect Astrologian main healer, utility magic and a little blasting.


Viera Dark Knight Lance wielding bruiser


Hyur Gunbreaker will be str based melee sword and shield build.


Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te Path of Yoshimitsu Ninja our thief and dps.


Highlander Hyur Black Mage our main AOE Damage.

Fill this out and post this here to apply. Feel free to ask any questions if you wish.

- Player info:

Name: (Or just whatever you want to go by.) 



A little info about yourself: (A interesting fact or information, or an introductions.)

When does the game take place and how much does it cost?: (Seems redundant, but we want people to not confuse the game date and cost. Also the date has been moved a few times so don't worry about what other people are saying.)

Other: (Anything else about yourself.)

- Character info:




Backstory idea: (Just what you may want to do with them, go as much into this as you wish.)

Other:  (Anything else.)

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