Looking for Players! [Online] [5e] [August 22, 7pm PST]

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Game Time:
   Monday, August 21, 7pm PST (convert: https://www.google.com/search?q=+7pm+pst+to+my+local+timezone)

Style:   5e / Forgotten Realms / Gritty Heroic / Low-Magic / Core-Races / Character-Driven / Balanced Combat & Roleplay / Slow Milestone XP / Adults Only PG-13

Platforms:   Roll20 / Discord Voice & Video

Number of players:   3-4

  • Very Experienced DM. Beginners are especially welcome - but should be willing to do a bit of preparation.  If you enjoy the one-shot, you may be invited to join our regular campaign!

  • Various WOTC Forgotten Realms publications are used simultaneously as a backdrop, to open up a variety of non-linear story possibilities.

  • The balance of role-play versus combat depends on the players. Actions always have consequences, and character death is a real possibility. Focused but fun.

  • Homebrew will be limited to a few optional rules for combat, movement, and injuries.

  • We use Discord and Obsidian Portal between sessions for notes, lore, RP, and any out-of-character and party-related decision-making and housekeeping.

  • Players should be thoughtful and articulate both in speech and text. All players are expected to be patient, open to compromise, and not take friendly disagreements too personally. Cooperative story-telling requires everyone to work together, share the spotlight, and help each other achieve their goals both in and out of character.

  • Although it is a fantasy setting, verisimilitude is important for engagement and immersion. The setting is quasi-medieval, so in addition to gritty combat and death, players should also expect many of the NPCs they encounter to adhere to morals and values which we might consider inappropriate in the modern world. Although it will not be tolerated from players, bigotry exists in the game world, and PCs will likely encounter it during their travels. If content emerges which makes players uncomfortable, it will be quickly addressed and resolved via private chat.


    Here is the game listing on Roll20: Some Big One Shot

    If you are interested in joining, please answer a few questions here: https://forms.gle/UqjjvRgYP8M5Z4Mg9


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