Was the guy in my dream right to settle for 10 Gold a day with a guarantee of never being caught?


Last night I had A 2nd edition Warhammer RPG dream about A Magic Forgers Kit. What do people think of my dream?

Normally in  2nd edition Warhammer RPG you can make up to 50 Forged Coins a day but with that comes a chance of getting caught and you need to provide the materials

But with The Magic Forgers Kit as long as you never make more then 10 Forged Coins a day it is guaranteed that the coins will never be identified as fakes and you don't have to provide the materials

In the dream the owner decided to play it safe and only make 50 Forged Gold Coins a day, after all most commoners earn 10 Gold Coins a year and as long as he nevers makes Forged Gold Coins a day it is guaranteed that the coins will never be identified as fakes and you don't have to provide the materials


  • Abersade
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    Assuming that you meant in that last paragraph that the forger was going to play it safe by only making 10 gold coins/day.

    If so, in one year (assuming a calendar with 365 days), this forger could produce the yearly wealth of a small village sized pile of productive commoners, or he could "work" via forging for a month and then spend the rest of the year just living it up. Sounds pretty great to me in either case honestly, and since there's zero chance of getting caught and he doesn't have to provide materials there doesn't appear to be any drawback with this plan other than the amount of time involved.

    Assuming that the forger is mortal there may be quicker (though likely far more dangerous) ways to make an equivalent amount of coin, but whether or not such a method is enticing to the forger would of course depend on their long term financial goals. Since this character is fictional even by other fictional character's standards I'd say that they made the correct choice by playing it safe.

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  • ragnarhawk
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    On the other hand, as shown by numerous stories (one for me is my own uncle), someone who is making X amount of money by cheating/fraud often will soon want to make 2X, then 4X, and eventually ends up getting to the level where you get caught (my uncle's fraudulent expenses ended up getting to more than twice the total expenses for the rest of the department)

  • marshalljames1
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    To answer Abersade he could make up to the normal maximum of 50 fake Gold Coins a day but he's only guaranteed to not get caught if he makes 10 or less Fake Gold Coins a day

    2 things I initially forgot to8 mention are as follows. The 1st is that unlike a normal Forgers Kit the coins it makes must be Gold Coins and The 2nd is that making Fake Coins with a regular Forgers Kit takes between 5 and 8 hours but with this unique magical version of A Forgers Kit it only takes 20 minutes and unlike with normal forging once he's activated it the user doesn't have to do anything

    In case its needed here's a recap

    It was A unique magical version of A Forgers Kit that can the owners choice of anywhere between 1 and 50 fake Gold Coins per day but as long as he only makes 10 or less fake Gold Coins per day the magic in the magical version of A Forgers Kit guarantees that the gold coins will never be identified as fakes

    I wanted to know if he was right to settle for only 10 fake Gold Coins a day rather then up to 50 fake Gold Coins a day when the bonus for only getting 0 fake Gold Coins a day is that they will never be identified as fakes
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