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  • geekevolved
    Posts: 75
    I would like to suggest a Session Calendar that the DM and players can utilize to organize game sessions on whatever schedule they operate on.

    It should look like a normal Gregorian calendar, with perhaps links on each day that has an event scheduled, leading to a small description about what was scheduled (including the to and from time, date, details, punch and pie? or punch and cake? chips and dip?)

    and I apologize if I prematurely submitted you to Digg or if your servers crash in a horrible internet storm ;)
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    This is a great feature. I've been thinking about something like this for a while, but I want to do it right. There are already so many calendar programs and scheduling apps already available. They set the bar pretty high for any sort of similar feature.

    Still, for OP to be useful as an organizing tool, something like this is probably required. I'll have to think about it.

    About the digg, thanks and don't worry ;) As much as I'd like to think that OP is the most awesome site ever, it's pretty tough to make it onto the digg popular list. Maybe I'll get there someday...

    I really appreciate the diggs though, as well as all the kind comments. My day is made (or crushed) based on that sort of stuff.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    This is a bump to push this back to the top. i plan to start working on this very soon, and I'd like to gather any input from the community.

    For now, the main idea is to create a calendar that will allow for scheduling of game times.

    *Must haves*
    * schedule game nights
    * allow recurring scheduling
    * short title to display on calendar
    * longer description to display when the item is clicked on / selected

    *Nice to haves*
    * send reminders via e-mail about upcoming sessions
    * send reminders if a session is cancelled / changed
    * sidebar list of upcoming events
  • Acetaminophen
    Posts: 20
    A little thread necromancy here, I guess. This is tagged to be worked on over a year ago - is there new status on this that I missed?

    This is the only thing I really am missing in trying to transition from Yahoo Groups. My suggestions are as follows:

    Move "send reminders via e-mail about upcoming sessions" to must have.
    add "Allow users to add not availble tags to time frames - certain days" to must have.

    thanks for your work!
  • gorthmog
    Posts: 14
    I would like to second (third?) this request. It would be great to have an "availability" calendar, where my players could simply mark which days they were busy or free. That alone would be worth the price of a Premium account.

    Another cool idea - You could link adventure logs to the calendar entry for that session. Clicking on that calendar entry would take you to the log.
  • Acetaminophen
    Posts: 20
    *bump* Any love for calendars?
  • zagyg
    Posts: 1
    additional feature that my group would like on a calendar: the ability for players to mark their availability and for calendar view that would include how many are available on a given day.
  • Benjamin385
    Posts: 9
    I Could see this being an great feature for Obsidian Portal. Plus Creating allot of traffic to the site. Although i am no Admin so i can't implement this feature nor can i code.
  • jkendall
    Posts: 2
    bump - Any idea when this will be available?
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