(+) Looking to Start with 1 Shots on Friday and Saturday at 6pm Then if we get people maybe campaign


Would like to start out with 1 shots (Eastern US Timezone) and then possibly if i can find players that are good people, move into playing in a campaign maybe. Game is done and ready for anything. The premise is that the players have gone into a portal to track a psychopath character but end up in the same forgotten realms but not the same type. As a portal was opened inside another portal, this is the forgotten realms you know, but everyone including famous heroes and even villains are very different. This is not forgotten realms you grew up in. This all started when you were tracking the killer Marius Evendur near the Tilted Glass Tavern when he escaped through a portal. You followed as a group into it, but without knowing what you would find here. You are now trapped in what the vagrants here have called Pemrose County. It looks like Nashkel but everything is kind of spooky. That is all the players get to start with. Lvl 1 for Party. I am not doing character sheets for characters on roll 20. If this is an issue then you can be able to find another game as i dont do them. On top of that, i am sending a sheet of paper if players need or they can make their own on lvling up. I am disgusted with how lvling up in the game slows down at lvl 5 and 6 and onwards so i made a better system that allows players to level the same amount regardless of lvl. A constant 20 checks system. Will explain more on that if interested. Otherwise I am a pretty fair dm. I like to have fun above all else. 4d6 for stats and drop lowest roll. Pretty open on races and archetypes. Just nothing crazy. Everything else is on the site in this link. We have a whole week and a half before 1st 1 shot. These games are for mature players with content that is for adults who are at least 25 and older. Will be weekly and will be fun! If you have any other questions, message me. I will help new players. Anything said here that i do not allow is not allowed so asking me about it later is not needed. Otherwise I look forward to playing with a group of maybe 3 players that would like to explore a new type of forgotten realms adventure! 

Friday Game-https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/14493139/plus-5e-sword-coast-adventures-friday-evening-game-at-6pm-plus

Saturday Game-https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/14374956/plus-5e-sword-coast-1-shots-saturday-evening-game-at-6pm-plus

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