Not a big issue...

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  • Redslash12
    Posts: 26
    but when I am using tags, weird shit happens...

    Nothing REALLY noticeable, but stuff starts to move around without me wanting it to...
    I've actually noticed the most common thing is when I use a tag such as

    The GM section and the "Edit This Page" button ignores it and goes up to the nearest spot in the main text, so if I have long table, the table will go past the Edit button and through the GM line.
  • Redslash12
    Posts: 26
    Wow.. ok cant see that... what I meant to say is "when I usetags wierd shit happens..."

    Also it didn't show you my example tag

    I hope it works this time...
  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    Only some html tags are supported, not all. I'm not sure whether the div style is one of them.
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