OP Team Announcement: Broken Image Uploads/Links [FIXED]

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[Update: This bug is fixed! Thank you to the amazing @Thaen]


Hey OP Family!

I'm the weekend support here for Obsidian, it's a pleasure to meet you all! I apologize for the delay in response to this bug, I have been having strenuous tech issues all day and have been trying to compile the information on this bug problem while fixing my computer. 


Rest assured, our team has been made aware and we will be working diligently to resolve it! I really, really appreciate your patience while we take care of this.


We love you guys, we shall be back up soon! :~) 


Let us reflect:
  1. Was that crazy or what? Haha.1 vote
    1. Yes, that was wild. I was afraid, even.
    2. Yes, but N20 for team fix!
    3. No, but also...I wasn't paying attention.
    4. No, I am even MORE afraid than I was before. D:
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