Any group in Barnsley doing A 1st edition Dnd Campaign that will take A Player with a high level Pc?

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Does anyone know of A group that's doing 1st edition Dnd that want A New Player?, particularly 1 with A High Level Pc. If someone's willing I can attach the relevant Folders that cover the character

I've just realized that I don't know if I can attach the relevant Folders that cover the character, can I attach the relevant Folders that cover the character? and if so how do  I attach the relevant Folders that cover the character?

Ideally its players will already have established characters whose levels are between 8th and 10th and will welcome another another 8th level Character

Why? you ask, because I have A 8th level Fighter, as far as I remember he's very close to 9th level, from A Campaign that ended in November 2,008, sorry about the fact that by mistake I initially put 2,001, that I would love to start using again

Both Parents were very Minor Nobles that held no titles and ruled no lands but using rules for earning domains his career he's earned himself 7 titles, if I remember right the 1st 2 were earned within the 1st 30 months by the campaigns time, and if I remember right he's only been a adventurer for just under 19 years, 6 months

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