Looking for a whole mess of Players! Post-Apocalyptic Drowned World! Big Monsters! West Marches!




Host’s Name: @Aalarin#6029

Paid Game: No

TTRPG platform: 5e 

Age Rating: 16+ 

Mature Content: Light 

Beginner friendly: Yes 

Requirements: Roll20 and Equipment for online play 

Time and Date: 6 on 3 off schedule, known until January. 

Homebrewed World/Monsters: Yes

Number of Players: Looking for between 10 and 20

Character Level: 1 Start 

Play-by-post, Live Play, or Both: Live Play, might Consider play by post at a later date

Consent Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M8zv6KzoXwGrJqpFw26EhJ7CJXo68A46XdE-qGiXxn0/edit


The Drench, a Westmarches DnD campaign set in the flood based apocalypse of a homebrew world loosely based on Disneys Atlantis and the Golden Sun universe.


Thirty thousand years ago our forebears plunged the world beneath the waves. Their motives contemptible and their methods incomprehensible, we lay in the drowned remains of ancient sins.


Whatever it was they had done, whether a single act or a confluence of barbarity, we believed it had permanently ruined the world. Year after year, day after day our reality has slowly eroded. The great scholars and magi among us foretold the eventual return of our world into the void from which all things come.


We believed wrong. For six lunar cycles ago the doomed artifice known as the Pools of Lemuria once again began to flow. The pool called to those of heroic soul to bathe within its waters. Those that did, became great champions as they underwent a form of apotheosis. You are one of these Champions.


Armed with heroic might and plagued by ignorance, all that is left is to ask why the Pools are once again full.


Home-Brew Mechanics:


Non-Permanent PC Death; Slain PC’s will be reborn in the pools of Lemuria a lunar cycle after their death.


Gold as XP; You will receive XP not for defeating foes but instead you will gain it for bathing plunder in the pools of Lemuria.


Base building mechanics; The Last City, Ceol’Yom is full of ruined buildings and the decay of ancient centuries. These can be repaired into valuable services.


High but Fair difficulty; The monsters of the world are dangerous and will not hold back.


Bottom of the Sea; The campaign takes place at the bottom of the world spanning sea.

Inked out; Terrestrial characters have powerful tattoos that grant them the ability to survive the perils of sea-floor living. A tattoo parlor building in the game allows for the upgrade of these tattoos.

Either respond to this with a comment or send me a direct message to indicate interest!

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