Looking for players: Feng Shui 2


My group is starting up a Feng Shui 2 campaign focused on the themes of love, reincarnation and dark magic (initial site here).

Feng Shui, the game, is a time hopping high action blend of Hong Kong martial arts movies where heroes from various eras of history fight to control special locations to bend history to their will.

This campaign steals inspiration from the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies with the concept of a group of Chinese wizards reanimating a mummified sorcerer and getting more than they bargained for. Timelines will shift as the heroes fend off mummies, wizards and other monsters to restore history.

The group currently plays roughly every other week on Friday nights (8 PM PST) though we can accommodate Saturdays. We play online using a mix of Discord (audio) and Roll20 (mainly combat order tracking and visuals for this game system).

Beginners of all stripes are welcome.

Let me know if you are interested.

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