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Hi! So I'm new to Obsidian but I'm very excited to use it. The main problem I'm having is that when I try to link a section of text to another wiki page it doesn't show up as a colored piece of text until I add quotation marks around the first half of the statement at which point it creates a new wiki page, instead of linking to my premade one.


Any help would be useful!


  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi @TheJoxaren,

    May I ask which editor you are using, Textile or CkEditor?  You can find this setting in Settings>Advanced>Default Editor.

    I (and many others) highly recommend using the Textile editor, as it never felt that the CkEditor was truly properly implemented.

    If you are using Textile, then when you are editing a page, select the text that you want to use as a link, then click on the box on the right hand side of the page for the type of link that you want (Character link, Wiki Link, etc.).  Choose the page that you want to link to, and select the Insert button for that page.  It will then create a link to that page using the text that you had selected.

    If you just want to link with the page's name itself as the text, then you just set your cursor where you want the link and follow the same steps to choose the page that you want to link to.

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  • vadercomplex
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    Hey @ragnarhawk, thanks for stepping in! 

    @TheJoxaren, let us know if you still have any more questions, we're happy to help. 

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