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Often I have an idea about an NPC, location, or group and I just need more text to help flesh out my Wiki. It would be really cool to have the ability to (in the Wiki and Character creation pages) flesh out more text using AI by just giving it a brief description of what I do know. It would be even cooler if it knew the contents of my wiki to keep it self-consistent. 

I currently am doing this manually so figured I'd suggest it as an idea!


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    So from a writer/programmer perspective AI is actually really expensive/complex and somewhat.. legally problematic. However there are plenty of great pre-existing tools that help you flesh out a campaign or even randomly generate stuff for it.

    If you want to see how AI does at generating a RPG you can try out AI Dungeon.

    However it's actually not all that 'imaginative' in what it provides as AI entirely depends on the quality of information given to it - and often has a lot of 'bias' and mistakes baked into the code.

    Instead has a bunch of tools for randomly generating RPG content across a wide variety of genres.

    and I personally love for their flavour generator - I used this when doing my 'totally random' Spelljamming adventure game. 

    There's also which has 100% professionally written flavourtext boxes for RPG adventures. 

    I personally don't think it would be appropriate for ObsidanPortal to go in this it would require harvesting a lot of data from users, many who may not want to be involved in 'training a AI' with their original work.

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