Happy Kenku Looking For Welcoming Campaign!


I’m in the process of making my first ever DND character! A Kenku named Bug! Also known as Lil B. He goes by he/they, and cannot speak. He only says "Caw" and communicates using pantomime and perhaps a bit of sign language, he's super animated and jovial, using cheap magic tricks to make people smile and laugh. He's most likely a bard, but instead of singing or using an instrument, he acts! Aka, he uses pantomime to convey his spells. His goal is to prove to the gods that not all Kenku are thieves and scoundrels, and that they are worthy of their wings. He’s merciful and refuses to kill a living creature unless he has no other choice, so he’s mostly going to be a support, but might do some damage.

My issue is while I’m running a campaign, I’m extremely new to DND and want to get some experience under my belt. Here’s what I got: I’m in the process of DMing and have done so for at least 3-4 sessions, and I’ve watched Dimension 20’s Fantasy High. I need a welcoming group who’s willing to put up with newbie shenanigans and probably a DM who’s willing to help me out. I have a little bit of backstory for my Kenku pal, but I really want to work with a DM who’s all about backstories to incorporate them! I’d also like to do this over Discord, I’m free almost ALL the time, except for Monday-Friday until after 4PM PST, because I’m a senior in high school, but after 4 I’m completely free!

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