Surely the domain should have a higher size class and the ruler A Higher Title?


Out of boredom I used tables A Mate made for Dnd to generate a domain and it resulted in A Small Earldom that's made up of 6 Very Large Baronies that's ruled by A Minor Earl

But that makes no sense. I mean A domain that's made of 6 very large Baronies would be bigger, and likely a lot bigger,  then A Small Earldom and the rulers title whould be higher, and likely a lot higher,  then Minor Earl but that’s what the rolls say so that’s what my characters family is stuck with 


  • ragnarhawk
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    If you wanted to make this work, maybe the Earldom is essentially a sort of Washington DC, a theoretically independent capital, where the Baronies come together to hold council.  As the hosting region, they have developed considerable political influence, including treaty responsibilities among the loosely allied Baronies.  As a result, they effectively rule the entire domain, but they need to be careful not to outstretch their leverage

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