Map Marker bugs (multiple issues)


I'm having several problems with my campaign map.

1.) Once a map marker is placed, I can't delete it. I click delete and then confirm the deletion on the pop-up box. There is no error message but the marker is still present on the map.

2.) I place map markers on the map and then save the map, and all of the map markers jump to the center of the map instead of staying where I put them.

3.) Once a map marker is placed, I can't change it. I can open the edit menu, but when I click on Save after making my changes, nothing happens and the window doesn't close or even register that I clicked save at all. I can only close the edit window by clicking on the x in the top right and discarding all my changes.

I have tried to delete the map and re-upload it, but have the same problems every time.


  • thaen
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    @gmcarlheid, sorry you're running into this.  I tested on your map and was able to move the map markerrs to new locations and Save, and then also delete both of the map markers that were there.  So, it seems like this might be an issue related to your specific setup.  I'll send you an OP message to dig into the details.

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  • thaen
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    @gmcarlheid, said deleting those Map Markers seems to have fixed the issue ... but it shouldn't have.  : )  So, we'll continue to keep an eye out for what could have caused that issue.

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