Unable to add map markers


Attempting to add a map marker. Have plced five markers previously, unable to add another - nothing happens when I hit the button to do so.


  • Vanillabean
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    Hey @Hell_Nova, I'm sorry you're running into this! Is this happening on all of your maps or just a specific map and/or campaign?

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  • Hell_Nova
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    @Vanillabean, it seems to be happening on multiple maps - even tried one on a different campaign. 

  • Vanillabean
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    @Hell_Nova Would you be able to name a couple that you've noticed it on so we can look into this more. I did some testing and wasn't running into this on my personal maps, so we may need to look a bit deeper.

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  • thaen
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    Just closing the loop ...

    I checked out the map and was able to add and delete a map marker.

    I then OP Messaged Hell_Nova to see if the problem was still happening.

    Hell_Nova said there was now a random map marker, but that it was easily deleted, and it was now possible to add a new map marker ... which was the original issue.

    So, it appears to be working for now.

    I didn't change anything though, so the issue might show up again.  If so, we will dive into it again.

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