Report out on unused wiki-links


I would find it really useful to be able to pull a report to see, in one place, any unused wiki-links (link created on the fly but wiki page never created).


It would be a good tool to see the 'shape' of the campaign and see where my attention can be most effective. I'm new to this site so if this exists already in some form, let me know!


  • thaen
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    @Hams, I just sent you a report of those links for your dnd-70 Campaign via OP messaging.  Let me know if that's what you were looking for or not.

    If anyone else would find this feature useful, please say so.  Or if you just want a report of the unused links in your own Campaign, feel free to say that too, and I'll run one and send it to you.

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  • Abersade
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    This would definitely be useful to have accessible on-the-fly for every campaign. Not sure what kind of lift that is but I'd really like that as a feature.

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  • thaen
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    @Hams, @Abersade,

    If you go to your Campaign Settings Advanced tab, there's a new button called "See All New Pages" right above the Default Editor selection.

    Clicking that will bring up a report of all the square bracket links that point to pages that haven't been created yet, and the pages that have that link in them.

    Currently this report only finds the links in Wiki Pages. It doesn't yet look for links in Characters, Items, Campaign Forum Posts, Calendar Events, or Map Markers.


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