What should my mate do in his custom made Harry Potter/Dnd Cross-Over RPG


A mate of mine is running A Harry Potter/Dnd Hybrid RPG he made and he wants advis

My mate didn't know that the people that play Albus and Scorpius have read The Cursed Child and they know who Delphini really is and who her parents were and what her plans are

The thing is that even though Delphini is the main and only villain of my mates custom made Harry Potter/Dnd Hybrid RPG the people that play Albus and Scorpius feel sorry for Delphini, as do Albus and Scorpius, after all she can't help who her parents were and she had a even worse childhood then Harry did

2 examples of that are that unlike The Dursleys Rowle has the ability to use things like Crucio, Imperio, The Leg Locker Curse, The Bat Bogey Hex and The Tickling Curse, and theirs no proof that unlike Dudley Harries uncle and aunt subjected him to any form of physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional torment, emotional abuse, verbal torment, physical torture or mental torture, Delphini suffered all 8 once or twice a month per spell, sometimes once or twice per week per spell, from age 4 to age 17

So how should my mate handle a situation in his Harry Potter/Dnd Hybrid RPG were the people that play Albus and Scorpius feel sorry for Delphini and before the 3 of them even do their 1st trip back in time Albus and Scorpius have managed to talk Delphini out of her plan to change history so that Voldemort wins?

What's more Delphini has now done a deal with Albus and Scorpius, the deal is that in return for them going back to The Battle of Hogwarts and changing history so that the number of deaths on both sides is a lot lower then it was they will persuade the good guys to guarantee thatt the 5 week old version of her that was alive during the final battle has a good life

How will they do that when theirs a limit of 5 minutes in the past on the time turner?, simple, a mere freeze spell on The Time Turners magical components, after all with the things magical components frozen the parts that time 5 minutes in the past won't work


  • ElMuggs
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    Humm .... My advice? Embrace the chaos! 

    First up know the 'hard limits' on the setting/world. A classic one with the Time Turners is that its Canon that they are very rare, the Ministry of Magic apparently has a stash of them but it was a huge deal for a student to be provided one and the destroying of them during the later books.

    So one thing I'd do is let the players go ahead with the plan but have a risk that each time they meddle with the time turner can BREAK IT....or time itself.

    This can set up a whole new adventure - the players could get trapped in time, fracture time or cause all sorts of timey-wimey side effects.

    This way instead of having a set BBEG it goes back to the original cursed child that the problems the PCs have to overcome is mistakes of their own making.

    As such Time could be the ultimate enemy that the players have to overcome... This is a much scarier BBEG then Delphini because it can't be reasoned with - and even the most powerful wizards could not defeat it.

    I could see a really fun Harry Potter/Doctor Who style mashup with the players teaming up with the BBEG to try and fix everything - before time itself runs out.

    Anyway, while its a bit left field hopefully your friend can feel inspired to let the story go on it's own path and that you can explore the same themes - while changing how events play out to keep things new/unexpected. 

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    Thanks but you didn't properly answer the main question on what to do about the main problem

    The main problem is that Albus and Scorpius have persuaded Delphinii/the main Villain, to switch sides before she goes so far down the evil path that she cant return to the light

    Or to put it another way Albus and Scorpius offered Delphinii/the main Villain, the same chance that Dumbledore offered her father just almost 60 years ago

    The time scale works out that Dumbledore offered Voldemort a chance sometime in early December 1,960 and its now sometime in late November 2,020

    The difference is that Delphini accepted their offer but she only accepted it because Scorius and Albus are the only friends she's ever had

    She's even fallen in love with Albus, that happened because The GM made 3 2D8 Ch rolls, if all 3 were A 8 or less, 2 3rd's of Albus Ch of 11 rounded up then a miracle happens

    Basically if The GM passed all 3 rolls then Delphini would fall hopelessly in love with Albus and if she did then that's why she abandoned her plans to change history. Guess what?, The GM passed all 3 rolls

    Basically she doesn''t give a shit about the rest of the world and she didn't give up on her plan for the sake of the world or even her own sake

    Rather she gave up on her plan to change history because if she does then Albus will never exist and because she's fallen hopelessly in love with him she cant allow that
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