Anyone interested in me and him/her doing A Solo Campaign with rules a mate made?


A Mate has made solo rules for a lot of RPG's and has given me permission to use them, if I can find A GM who will do it, but he won't let me share the rules. So will is anyone interested in in me and him/her doing A Solo Campaign with rules a mate made?

Also the idea is that these characters are designed to be powerful enough to solo adventures designed for a group of Pcs, what's more you create 3 and choose the strongest. Here's what I have access to

In 1st edition WRP she's at least A 2nd level Elementalist/1st level Wizard that took part in several adventures that weren't part of The Enemy Within but happened at the same time as The Enemy Within and potentiially almost all of them they can even be official adventures hat only he/she survived

A Marvel Heroes Campaign were out of all the characters here he's the weakest but in a 1-on-1 fight he'd have a chance against the likes of Captain America and even though he couldn't beat the likes of Spiderman he could give Spiderman a good work out

In 2nd edition WFRP he's at least A Mercenary Champion whose the heir off a family that's been crooks for almost 11 centuries that starts with more stuff then most entire groups finish with, which includes 10 Pirate Ships

In Pirates of Drinax its the son of A Powerful Pirate that starts with more stuff then most entire groups finish with, which includes 11 ships

If using The Glory of Rome Setting for 2nd edition DAD the character starts with out both the title of Senior Baron and being A Senator

In 1st edition DAD the characters A Cavalier that's the heir to his homelands throne and he's even got a small army he can call upon, but likely never will

The position of heir to the throne bags him 3 domains, that consist of the 1 the heir to the throne gets to learn how to rule, 2 vassal domains that come with that, and he also gets both his dead mothers domain and A 5th domain that was given to the country, and later to my character, after it almost caused a war

With the fan made Harry Potter RPG its Delphini from The Cursed Child but she's from A Alternate Reality in which Voldemort and his followers were good, Dumbledore and his followers were evil and came to out universe to stop our universe's evil Voldemort. Annoyingly this naps her A Free Remberball, free Invisibility Cloak and Free Penisive

Her grades are very high too. OWL's wise she got O's in DADA, Potions and Charm's, E's in Transfiguration, Herbology Astrology, History of Magic, Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes and A A in Arithmacy. NEWT's wise she got A O in Potions, E's in Charms, DADA, Transfiguration, Herbology and Ancient Runes

With The Fan Made Fire Emblem RPG he's basically A Future King that's basically having fun, but at least he has the sense to recruit Mercenaries who don't knew who he is, he's pretending he's the wealthiest commoner his homelands ever known, naturally his 2nd in command knows who he really is, she's protecting him whilst passing it off as loyalty to her new boss and she's the newest edition to his homelands royal guard

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