2 questions about A Dnd/Shield Hero Cross-over RPG A Mates working on

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The mate of mine I've mentioned a lot of times has been watching rise of The Shield Hero a lot and is already in the tiny part of the planning stages, by which I mean he started less then 20 minutes ago, working on ways to make A Dnd/rise of The Shield Hero work

I know him well enough that I know 2 questions he'll eventually ask me to ask for him on this site wlong before he will ask me to, so I figured I might as well ask the questions I know he'll eventually ask before he asks them

Question 1. Spoilers

How would things like the slave crests, demi humans in general, demi humans aging as they level up and freed slaves having so much trouble adabpting to being freed that they willingly becoming their former owners slave once again

Question 2. A Few Minor Spoilers in the form of names and a few bits of Speculation that may end up being spoilers

Even if The Shield Hero either doesn't return to Earth or does but takes Rapthalia/his Sword, as she's known, I know The GM well enough to know that it will be set after The Shield Hero returns to Earth without Raphtalia/his Sword, as she's known, and at least 448 years will have passed on Earth but only 73 years will have passed in The World of Shield Hero

As a result a now very eldery Rapthalia must team up with a direct descendant of the same Shield Hero that she helped 448 years ago by his worlds time but only 73 years ago by her time

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