A Earl says no to A Baroness marrying his heir but he doesn't know she's a future queen

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I had A DAD Dream on Saturday The 17/9/2,022 and I have a question. How would the earl react to the news that he unknowingly refused to let his son marry a future queen?

Basically A Minor Earl refused to let A 17 year old senior Baroness marry his 20 year old because he's arranged for him to marry A fairly senior Count, then he realize's that not only is she royalty she's also the future queen

How would he react to upholding the arranged wedding to a future earless without knowing that The Futture Senior Baroness was A Future Senior Baroness on her mothers side, on her fathers side she's the future queen of a country that's very small but its also calm, peaceful, quiet, prosperous, tranquil and productive

Here's information the kingdom that if not for his arrogance and conceit his descendants, starting with his grandchildren, would have carried the blood of the places royal family


Sadly its only basic info

Total population


That includes the 76x80 or 6,080 orphans that are in my characters 80 orphanages and the 2,400x36 or 86,400 refugees that are in my characters 36 refugee camps


That number includes all the soldiers, all the navy personnel and the civilized monsters that aide us

Number of soldiers


This number includes the reserves and those that are semi-retired but it doesn’t include those that are part-time



Royal guard



782 Ships that between then hold the personal listed below

Individually they hold between 20 and 220 Sailors and they hold a combined total of 92,373 Sailors

Individually they hold between 6 and 50 Marines and they hold a combined total of 22,184 Marines

Individually they hold between 3 and 30 officers and they hold a combined total of 11,033 officers

They all have 1 1st officer


They all have 1 Captain

Number of noble families


They all have between 5 and 20 members and a total of 8,880 members

More info on domains

48 of those are descended from high level Fighters that in return for a oath of eternal loyal were allowed to become Barons

24 of those are descended from A Commoner that bought himself or herself A Noble title

22 of those are descended from A Commoner that earned himself or herself A Noble title

6 of them are descended from forgein nobility that did the ruler a favor and because they were of Noble Birth they title they were given was slightly higher then what A Commoner would have got

1 Domain that was established on a whim by A Fund Raiser, basically their was 100 tickets that each cost 140,000 Gold, that’s a cool 14 million gold, and once all 100 tickets had been sold 1 was drawn and the person that had the winning ticket was given both The Title of Minor Viscount and rulership of A area of 4 Small Baronies, 1 Decent Sized Barony and 1 Very Small Barony

1 of those was set up by my characters fathers brother and the entire populations is either refugees or descended from refugees

1 very large Barony that is entirely inhabited by creatures that are normally uncivilized brutes but over the centuries they’ve lived in this domain have become civilized

1 was once a tiny independent country that after it accidentally caused a major diplomatic saved itself by becoming part of my characters homeland

1 barony that’s unique in that every 1 of the original inhabitants was someone that was illegally enslaved that were freed by force

1 massive domain that was created when A 12th Fighter got his hands on A Stone that held 1 use of The Spell Limited Wish and he unknowingly wasted it by wishing to be made A Very Senior Viscount that rules A Viscountdom that’s so big that its 0.43% bigger then the smallest Country in history

Number of families that aren’t members of nobility but are very wealthy land owners

52 families

They have a total of 506 members

A total of 19,822 people live on their lands


Between them they employ a total 2,080 troops

My favourite domain that’s got a unusual background

1 large Barony that a mere 6 weeks after my character turned 7, so 19 years ago, was the cause of a dispute between my character homeland and another country


To avoid a war it was given to my character homeland


Theirs also 445 wine making estates, 279 inns, 176 taverns, 122 farms, 115 small area’s of farmland, 73 sizeable area’s of farmland, 31 farming estates, 31 Hunting Estates, 9 mini ports and 5 very sizeable area’s of farmland that aren’t part of a domain but are part of the country

Yearly profit

Including profit from investments, a lot of which aren’t on the same continent as this country, every year the king or queen makes a profit of 68,574 Gold Coins

Gold Coins in the royal Treasury

75,152,057 Gold Coins

Sizeable, even if in some case’s the numbers are only sizable for their race, populations of civilized monsters that can fight and some of the these numbers include children that can fight, the 4 best, in my opinion, examples of this are among The Centaurs, Giants, Sentient Unicorns, Sentient Giant Owls and Wolfweres,  but don’t include children that can’t fight

3,217 Pegasus

2,449 Kobloids that work for The Countries version of The British Secret Services that all have the abilities of 2nd level Thieves

1,906 centaurs

144 Lava Children

128 Dragons

120 Stone Giants

114 Wolfweres that are accompanied by 1,873 Wolves

102 Lizardmen Scouts that have the abilities of 3rd level Rangers

54 Sentient very large Owls

44 Sentient Unicorns

30 Storm Giants

23 Goblin Chiefs that all have The Abilities of A 7th level Dex 19 Half Orc Thief

18 Centaur Scouts that all have The Abilities of A 5th level Ranger

18 Bugbears that all have the abilities of A 1st level Barbarian

16 6th level Half-Orc Assassins

16 Ogres that are all 3rd level Barbarians


12 Hill Giants

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