Feature Roadmap + Feature Voting


Just curious if there is a public-facing roadmap for coming updates? I would love to see something like a Trello board that could be voted on by the public.

If there isn't, and you prioritize updates based on interest, how best do I show interest? Posting in every thread containing an idea I support is probably not ideal.


  • masternest
    Posts: 2

    That is an interesting idea. I'll try to see if we can have this up for consideration. I like it personally

  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 2,004

    Could be a cool idea, although, from my own personal point of view, not essential.


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  • nuadaria
    Posts: 55

    Yea, this would be nice, though I;d caution against dates as those often shift due to unforseen circumstances.

  • ragnarhawk
    Posts: 168

    This is also something that I have been hoping to see

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