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It would be nice, if new posts in the campaign forums were highlighted so that everyone viewing the forum immediately knows, whether a new post has been written in a certain thread.

In one of my campaigns, we use the forum quite extensively (at least we did in the past) and there might have been a multitude of new posts between visits. Since the dashboard only displays the two latest posts to the forum, one would have to remember the post count or check the time when the last post was added to know, whether a new topic has received a new post. There would be the possibility to miss a new post (nearly everyone in this campaign has switched notifications off because of the large amount of notifications). If the topics with posts you did not read yet were highlighted, the chance of missing an important post would be less.


  • Vanillabean
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    Hey @Lord_of_Woe, thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how helpful that would be- especially with an active group. We've added it to our list of potential feature updates! I can't make any guarantees, but we are always looking for how to improve.

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