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I'd love to see a wiki quick search in the See All Pages section, similar to the character quick search box currently featured at the top of the default Characters page. The ability to sort the wiki by selectable tags like one can do for characters would make entries more findable using tags alone. At the moment, you can only search for one tag at a time in the existing All Pages section of the wiki, except for a small edge case.

If any of this is possible by custom CSS / JavaScript I am open to the workaround, but I think this would be a great feature for most campaigns.


  • R_Panda
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    As an addendum to this post, now that I've played with Obsidian Portal more:

    Being able to filter by tag to create an unique URL would also allow me to sort, for example, all locations onto their own page, as they all have the same Location tag. Same would go for any other sort of classification, similar to what can already be done for the Characters page.

    I'll come back and update this thread if I find anything that gets me closer to the requested feature.

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  • Vanillabean
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    Hey HaydenSconey! Thanks so much for the suggestion- I can see how useful this could be. I'm not the CSS person so I'm not sure about a work around, but I'll check to see if I can find one!


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  • thaen
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    @HaydenSconey, thanks for these!

    For the "selectable tags", that does sound useful.  I'm sure it could be done with Custom JavaScript, though it might be some work to do it.  I'll add the idea to the Feature Requests list.

    For the "filter by tag", you can this with the Campaign Search.  If you go up to the top menu bar and type something in the Search box and then hit enter, it will go to the search results.  On the left is a list of all the tags.  If you click a tag, it will refresh the page with just the results that have that tag, which gives you a url that has only the wiki pages filtered to that tag.  I think there's even some code in there to enable more filtering by tags if you manually edit the URL.  (If that's interesting to you, let me know and I'll go looking for the Community Forum post that explains filtering further.)

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  • R_Panda
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    I have to admit that search bar works *way* better than I expected it to, very fast, love it!

    I still think this is a valid request as I really want a way to generate a dynamic page of wiki entries as one can with characters.

    Thanks for adding this to the list. Hopefully others see the value in this feature and also chime in their support~

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  • DragonsBay
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    Up Vote!


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