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I'm working on a DST for Wraith: the Oblivion (a rather dark game, if you haven't played it or guessed from the name), and am considering two subtly different styling options for avatar images. Forum posts don't allow <style> elements, so I've created a preview page to compare the two styles (labeled "A" and "B" at the top) and unstyled options. Note the differences scarcely matter on the last two, which are avatars representing Shadow characters; I've included them because images that are dark at the edge are sometimes used. Which style do folks like more? (I'm deliberately not describing the styles so as to get unprompted, first-impressions responses.)

Avatar styles
  1. Which style on the linked page do you prefer?5 votes
    1. unstyled (left)
    2. A (middle)
    3. B (right)
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