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In long-term campaigns we often see important NPCs who die for one reason or another, but their information still is important to the past chronicle of the game. Currently the "Characters" page has sections for Player Characters and Non-Player Characters. How about a check box in the character stat form when you go in to edit a character that would move them to a third section: Deceased Characters? We already have one for Player Character, one for GM Character, etc. This would just be a "Deceased" check box and a third stratification on the actual page. 

It would go a long way towards helping to organize campaigns and not have to search through pages upon pages of characters to find one that might be dead. Even alphebetized, the NPC lists can get very long. Anyway, just a thought. 


  • Vanillabean
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    Hey Jasonvey! Thanks for the suggestion- that's interesting, and I can see why that would be potentially useful! I can't give you any guarantees on if and when we might implement, but I can tell you that we've definitely taken note of your suggestions! :)

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  • thaen
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    One option for this is to create a "Deceased" tag.  Then you can use the Character Filters Deceased tag checkbox to show just the Deceased Characters.

    Some of the Ascendant Campaigns will also pair a tag like Deceased with some Custom CSS to show those tagged Character tiles as dimmed or bloodstained.


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  • GamingMegaverse
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    I did this through wiki organisation (organization) by making the characters page a wiki page

    Just trying to help out.

  • thaen
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    Something else you can do ...

    When you click a filter on Characters, it updates the url in the browser, so that you can use that same url to auto-check those filters when someone visits that url.

    Then, you can combine those urls with the Custom Navigation and have links in your navigation that go to specifically filtered Character pages.

    Here's an example of a Campaign that's doing this:

    Players, Comrades, Officers, etc are all filtered versions of the Character page.

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  • jasonvey
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    Hi, all,

    All great workarounds in the meanwhile. I hope the team, however, lets us actually have a Deceased section on the main characters page. I just feel like it'd be a handy feature. 



  • Abersade
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    As a further enhancement I would like to be able to specify what the title of the group is, depending on the game maybe I need a section for monsters instead of a group for deceased NPCs, or for a specific set of NPCs, etc.

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