[LFG] [online] Looking to play in a Shadowrun 5e game


Hoi chummers!

Looking to play in a Shadowrun campaign. 

Availability:  Tuesdays PST 3:30pm - 9:00pm,  Sundays all day.  

If you happen to have a game running in those slots and need a runner, let me know.   I'm more a role player than combat guy.  I also tend to have hints of comic relief in my characters....   The Troll Street Sam with the rat breeding idea for a bbq place. ... The Halfling Barbarian that doesn't know what a halfling is and calls himself Uthgardt. ... The warforged who saw everything in absolutes. 



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    Are you looking online games only?  Just thought I would add that for clarity- not currently running Shadowrun myself....

    Just trying to help out.

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