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I'm sure this has been thought of, but it's not implemented:

The possibility to have only players be able to comment on our page instead of everyone is something that really shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Abersade kindly already offered an option on where this toggle could go, and I agree with him (the image is also his): 

"Personally I think that the Basic Settings section is extremely simple, and the Privacy subsection is so simple that it doesn't even quite explain what it does, so the following might be suitable"

Thanks in advance for considering this. I'd be much more at ease having that option. I'm running a West Marches-style game so people come and go and being able to keep things tidy would help a lot with the workload.



  • thaen
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    @AlfmarchesGM, welcome!  Thanks for the request.

    I've added this to the Feature Request list.  If anyone else is interested in seeing this implemented, speak up.  The more interest, the more likely it moves up in priority.

    A little background ... the only places to leave Comments are on the Campaign Front Page and on the Adventure Logs.  And only OP Members can leave comments.  Non-logged-in visitors don't get the Comment form.

    There were some spammers creating OP accounts and then posting Comments, but we have spam catchers now, so those shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    In the mean time, if you want to limit Commenting further to just the GM and Players in the Campaign, you could try the CSS option that @Abersade suggested.  Adding this to your Custom CSS will do the trick:

    body:not(.campaign-member) .comment-reply {
    display: none;


    As Abersade mentioned, that's not 100% because it can be circumvented with CSS hacking in the browser, but if you actually run into any issues where someone is maliciously commenting on your Campaign, let me know, and we'll up the priority of this Feature Request.  So far, since we added the spam catching, we haven't seen any more Comment spam issues.

    Obsidian Portal Developer

  • AlfmarchesGM
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    Thanks @thaen, put the CSS in place for now. Will be sure to inform if we get bad actors around our campaign.

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