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When I rename a page I have to go back to all the pages that it is linked on and redo the link. Is there any process that can help make this less time consuming? 

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    Eh, not really as far as I'm aware.

    In theory when you are creating the page you could assign numbers instead of names to them, then just set a temporary name in the Textile code on the page so that it displays that instead of the number, but you'd still have to go through and rename all of the incoming links so this would only save you one edit. Not worth it given the time it would take to manage the page numbers and especially problematic when using the Add Wiki Content button since nothing would be named.

    It would be better if OP had been set up to use numeric references for linking as a sort of anchor-point while allowing the display name to be consistent and easily updatable, but that's not the current system. Perhaps something along the lines of a javascript based "find-and-replace" option could work?

    I have no idea if there's some trickery in the background that would allow this to easily be implemented by the Devs, but if I had to guess I'd say that there isn't.

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    Okay. That's fair enough. I just realized that you could change the display name for the page when you link it so that should clear up most of the things I'm concerned about, which is making link names fit grammatically into the sentences I'm writing and the occasion spelling change for places and NPCs.


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