A GM has A Pc that's A Pirate Kings Heir who starts with 539 Ships, 10 of which are capital ships


Like I was going to say in my earlier/last post but didn't oh turst me the worst is yet to come, why me

So another mate of mine, thank god not the 1 I've mentioned a lot of times but the tables he used were made by the 1 I've mentioned several times, used Traveller versions of this guys family history tables

The thing is that 1 Pc ended up being the sole heir of The Greatest Pirate King in history that thanks to growing his own Anagthics terrorized The Imperium for close to 1,800 years, and here's the  biggest challenge busters that the things The Pcs starts with will pose to a campaign

I did manage to cheer him up, but ended up giving him a bad idea, by pointing out that it could have been far worse, he said how, I said it could have been in A Drinax campaign, and the thought of A Group in A Drinax Campaign startinh start The Drinax Campaign with more then 2.6 times the amount of stuff that most people finish The Drinax Campaign with

1st. A Fleet of 535 Ships, 39 of which mass more then 30,000 tons and 10 of those things are capital ships

2nd. 3 Class B Pirate Starports that can each build ships massing up to 2,000 tons, they all have computers that hold the schematics, blueprints, technical read outs and designs for 7 custom build pirate ships that were competed but not even 1 was ever made, they actually have the materials, components, parts and facilities to build 9 of each of those 7 types and the computers even have The Blueprints for A Custom made 4,500 ton Pirate Cruiser and every 3rd year they give the owner 1D3+1x100 tons of free ships

3rd. Assorted stuff amounting to more then Cr 7,6 billion and loot worth almost Cr 1.4 Billion as well as just over 932,800 tons of assorted cargoes

4th. A Portfolio worth almost Cr 8.4 billion that combined with his other earnings, most of which are from his 3 Private Pirate Starports, means that even after paying A Private Army many thousands strong he still gets a profit of Cr 310,660 a month

5th. His Private Army that's many thousands strong that consists of 1 Regiment, 1 Platoon and 1 Squad of Heavy Assault Soldiers, 2 Companies and 2 Platoons of Support staff, 2 Companies, 1 Platoon and 2 Squads of Scouts, 2 platoons and 2 squads of very  highly trained surgeons, 1 Platoon and 2 Squads of Tanks, 1 Platoon and 2 Squad's of Aircraft and 1 Platoon and 1 Squad of Artillery

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