What kind of fool lets 1 Pc be A Future King and be engaged to another Pc, whose A Future Baroness?


I've got A Question for A GM friend I've got, don't worry its not the 1 that I've asked a lot of questions for before, but between me and the I've asked a lot of questions for before, and I admit, this,  out of all The GM's in our area me and the mate I've mentioned before either know them or have friends that are friends with them

Making it worse is that I'm the only 1 that no longer use's the background tables that I've asked a lot of questions for before and this 1 used DAD versions of the 1's that I've referred to several times and I've had another GM ask me to ask a question cos he used the same mates tables and now he regrets it, but that will wait

How is this the worse by far?, The GM used social scale tables our mutual mate made and when his Magic User Pc rolled roll 1 was A 100, roll 2 was A 1, roll 3 was A 40, roll 4 was A 43, roll 7 was A 37, roll 8 was A 46 and roll 9 was A 83

This means that not only was my GM mates character royalty(the 100), he was his fathers oldest child(the 1), had 4 younger siblings(the 40), his homeland was slightly larger then normal(the 43), it had normal level of wealth(the 37), its armies are slightly more powerful then normal(the 46) and its most powerful fighting unit was A Very Old Silver Dragon that’s backed up by her 2 Sons, her Daughter and her Daughter in law, The Daughter in Laws A Adult Silver Dragon and the other 3 are Young Adult Silver Dragons(the 83)

As you can imagine with A Magic User Pc/my Pc, that’s not only royalty but is also A Future King, their was not 1 crime in any law book in the world  that either my character or his father couldn’t get the entire group pardons for

What about getting killed?, pah yeah right that’s a laugh, I mean seriously?, The Group had A Pc has A King for A Father, The Pc in question will 1 day be A King and A 2nd Pcs the heir of A Senior Baron and is engaged to The Future King makes, if needed, getting the entire group resurrected child’s play

It gets worse, 1 of The Players had more experience then any of them, even The GM who should have asked for help, er Pc, A Female Fighter, ended up being the Heiress of A Senior Baron, which means that she will 1 day be A Senior Baroness and persuaded everyone, even The GM but as they've been friends for almost 27 years that was very easy, t help, to agree that before her Pc and The Future King were even A Week old their fathers had arranged for them to be married

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September 2023

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