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  • Incognito
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    It'd be nice to have an integrated dice roller that can fairly share results to players and GMs, especially for someone who is having a telepresence at the table (like me, in my current campaign).

    Feature Type: Functionality/Apps
    Priority: Low

    *What does it do?*

    Ideally, this feature would allow the following:
    Selecting a type of die, (d2-20, or maybe even hypothetical dies like d100? Perhaps a field that lets the roller pick the number of sides)
    Selecting the number of dies (Important for casting multi-die spells, effects, etc.)
    The roller would choose how the results are displayed.
    A) Hidden roll: only the roller sees the result.
    B) Hidden GM roll: only the roller, and the GM see the result.
    C) Shared roll: The roller selects party participants to share the roll with.
    D) Party roll: All players in the campaign see the results of the roll.
    Results may be shared by PM, or perhaps tied to adventure log posts? (Perhaps using a slug tag like you do with items/characters)

    Results will have two optional fields for DC and the purpose of the roll (Reflex Save, Bluff Check, etc.)

    *What does this look like?*

    Ideally, this would be a utility accessed via a sidebar, or the GM may create a link in the wiki/adventure log prompting a user to enter the die roller. Maybe the GM would be able to pre-enter the die side, die number, DC and roll-purpose?

    This would greatly simplify email games/telepresence games. Thank you for providing such a great site!
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    As far as I am aware, this site is mostly for facilitating the *chronicling* of games, not the play.

    However, I did at one point find the Laughing Stick forums via Project Wonderful, and they might fill your needs in this respect. Check them out at http://laughingstick.roflforum.net/
  • MythicParty
    Posts: 78
    Someone call for an electronic die-roller?
  • ryan
    Posts: 126
    We have considered adding tools like a dice roller; but, from what I've seen there is already a ton out there.
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