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I've been away from OP for some time. Wasn't it possible, at one point, to leave comments on Events? I recall using that feature regularly. Has it been removed, or am I looking in the wrong place? Or am I misremembering?


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    Why does it say there are two comments on this post, but I can't see them?

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    Hey @Calion! I can't speak to whether or not this was a previous feature or not. The current owners took over OP in 2019 and don't have much knowledge on the site prior to that. I know there was a redesign of the site a while back, and if this was a feature it may have been removed then. 

    Since any member of the campaign can edit Calendar Events, there's the option of editing the Event Description to add comments in there. Another option could be to create a thread in the Campaign Forums to discuss the Calendar Event with a link to the Event. 

    As to your second post - it could be that there were spam comments removed. 

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