Would The Duke refuse to let A Future King marry his daughter just because the guys A Thief?

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1 of my mates, luckily its 1 I've never asked about before, is doing DAD, he's generated A Future King, his GM let slip that he's planning to eventually have us do Secret Of The Slaver's Stockade, his GM knows that I've done it previously and wants advise but that's not what I'm asking

But that was back in 1,997 and the only thing I remember is the name and that The Pcs can rescue a kid who uncle is A Very Minor Duke and that The Adventure says that The Very Minor Duke will grant any reward that he thinks reasonable

The GM hasn't actually said told me or his player, but I've heard enough about him to know exactly what he/The GM is planning

He's planning on having my mate ask that his Pc whose A Future King, as well as A Thief, ask The Very Minor Duke for his daughters hand in marriage and I know that Thr GM he will have The Very Minor Duke gladly agree that allowing his daughter to marry A Future King is the most reasonable thing he's ever heard

I've heard enough about The GM to know that its very likely that The GM will have The Very Minor Duke think to himself "I was the 1 offering to grant any reasonable request but my daughter marrying A Future King?, that seems like I'm getting the reward rather then the 1 giving the reward"

After all if he refuse's then his family will, depending on gender, continue to be only(?) be Very Minor Duke's and Duchess for centuries, likely longer, but by allowing his daughter to marry A Future King he will day be The Father in law to A King, his daughter will be a queen, admittingly by marriage but she will still be a queen, and any grand children she gives him will be carry the royal blood of their fathers country

So when, not if, they do, Secret Of The Slaver's Stockade and, when not, if The Pcs rescue The Duke's Nephew, will The Duke allow his daughter marry A Future King despite the fact that The Future King is also A Thief or will he refuse to let his daughter marry A Thief despite the fact that The Thieves also A Future King, and if he does that then he's letting his personal pride get in the way of the chance of the Millenium?


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